What are the benefits of the Fiberglass Doors compared with Steel doors?


There have been a wide variety of door materials available to choose from in the home renovation market, fitting the different needs rising for different needs. Among the home renovation seekers, both Fiberglass doors and steel doors have been steadily rising in popularity for their wide range of utility. However, is one better than the other? In this blogpost, we will be covering three key benefits fiberglass doors hold over steel doors.

1. Energy Efficiency, Natural Light Transmission

Fiberglass doors can be an excellent source of natural light, regardless of where they are present within the household. Compared with steel doors, fiberglass doors can be made entirely as glass panes, with more surface area available to let in all the natural light available from the outside. This naturally leads to a wonderful source of heat and insulation for the colder days, requiring less indoor heating. Furthermore, fiberglass doors maximize the sunlight’s health benefits even during those days stayed in from snow or coldness, preserving your home’s coziness.

2. Customizability

Another benefit of the fiberglass doors is their customizability. With the high variety of colored windows and the tinted windows available in the market, fiberglass doors are truly an ideal choice for building the one-of-a-kind home. There exist options to stain the windows, cut the glasses and create patterns within your door, or paint them with water-resistant materials for a lasting artwork on the glass pane doors. This is triple the number of variations available for the steel doors, which only support external, easily-peeled paint customizations.

3. Rust Resistance, Higher Durability

In addition, the fiberglass doors are completely resistant to rust unlike the steel doors. By the properties of engineered glass, the fiberglass doors are susceptible to extreme changes of humidity, heat, or temperature. As a result, fiberglass doors do not require heavy maintenance or monitoring for sustaining their durability, compared to steel doors that require annual maintenance for optimal functioning.

If you are considering improving your home’s energy efficiency, uniqueness, or durability, fiberglass doors will be an excellent choice to make for your home. At Dream Exterior, we recognize that the variety of available materials in the home renovation can be daunting — and we believe that each one of our clients deserves their dream home with the least effort required possible. Contact us today for a free quote on Fiberglass Doors — we are committed to serving your home’s dreams.


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