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Casement windows are a type of windows that hinge towards the outside, giving a welcoming, pushed effect as they are used. Casement windows are a great solution for effective ventilation throughout the household, and a wonderful way to feel refreshed within the home. Differing from awning windows, which hinge from the top, casement windows give a unique effect as they hinge from the sides. Whether you choose to have them open outwards or inwards, they are a great solution for maximizing the vertical distance of the window sill — providing both space efficiency and ventilation.

Space Efficiency and Ventilation

Casement windows’ popularity in bathrooms and kitchens comes for a reason – they give full openings for every tight space they fit into. Casement windows are installed fully on the windowsill’s side, fully opening the area that the windowpane covers once opened. With the unique placement of the hinge, casement windows fit perfectly into small areas for full, space-efficient ventilation. Unlike sliding windows that require the windowpanes to sit on one side for opening, casement windows can expose the full windowpane space for ventilation.

Energy efficiency and Safety

In addition to fitting perfectly into limited spaces, casement windows improve energy efficiency and safety of the household. Casement windows require complete closure and openings in operation, preventing any energy leakage from the gaps from improperly closed windows. This unique feature also requires them to prevent any tiny objects or little pets falling from the improperly closed window gaps.

If you are experiencing issues of mold or stench in your bathroom and kitchen area, it may be a great time to consider a casement window. From maximizing ventilation within the spaces to ensuring no outside dirtiness travels into the house through gaps, casement windows can fix a variety of home issues at once. With a quality variety of options at Dream Exterior, we guarantee to find the perfect window for your home needs together. Contact us today for a free estimate – we are committed to serving your home’s dreams.

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